The Holistic Digestive Healing Plan

What you get:

  • 4 weeks of weekly step by step instructions as we walk through the 5 R's of Digestive Healing

  • 4 weeks of delicious meals using whole, real foods (includes all recipes) that coincide with the plan itself

  • daily checklist to keep you on track

  • supplement and herb suggestions for healing and pathogenic removal

  • track results and see improvements in your body composition, weight and overall well being

* comes as a downloadable weekly pdf and weekly emails to keep you informed!

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Online Functional Nutrition Plan & Lifestyle Coaching

Want to feel great and look fantastic? Let’s work together to get to the root cause of your symptoms and address areas that may be holding you back from being your best self!

I will create a progressive step by step plan customized to achieve your goal and improve your health!

1 month plan $249

one time payment

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3 month plan $499

one time payment

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3 month plan $199

monthly payment

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meal prep

Functional Nutrition Lifestyle & Coaching Plan
3 month commitment

or $499 upfront

woman preparing meal


  • In depth intake form to better determine your needs - this will dictate the plan and determine if we need to address any health related concerns first like chronic stress, gut health, sleep etc.

  • Work through a weekly step by step plan over the 12 weeks to create maintainable changes

  • Monthly PHONE CALL to discuss the plan of action and your intake forms/follow up forms

  • Monthly meal plan catered to your likes/dislikes

  • Meal plan will be adjusted for your ideal macro-nutrient profile to better attain your goals (if necessary)

  • Supplement protocol to address any deficiencies that may be identified based on symptoms and intake form

  • Approximately 40 recipes provided MONTHLY and grocery list - using whole foods

  • Pre and post training nutrition (if required)

  • Preparation ideas and eating out suggestions  provided

  • Monthly progress tracking, follow ups and accountability check ins

  • It will take approximately 5 days after receiving your intake form (I may have follow up questions) to develop and send you the initial plan


Downloadable Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans - coming soon!!!

4 week meal plans includes all recipes, weekly calendar, grocery list & supplement support

$109 per program


The Newbie in the Kitchen

Make wholesome, healthy meals in 30 mins or less

This plan is ideal for those

  • new to cooking or new to buying whole foods

  • busy and on the go

  • looking to feel better, lose some weight & gain energy


Better Brain & Gut Plan

Support the gut and fuel the brain with low inflammatory and high brain nutrient foods

this plan is ideal for those

  • who are experiencing stress, bloating, random aches and pains, and struggling with sleep.

  • looking to reduce anxiety and stress

  • looking to decrease bloating

  • who want to improve sleep and brain performance


Build & Burn Plan:

Don't let your workout plan go to waste! Fuel to perform and change your body composition.

this plan is ideal for those

  • who are currently training

  • looking for pre and post workout nutrition

  • looking to burn fat and build muscle

  • who want to support your workouts and keep you fueled for the remainder of the day

  • looking for rough guidelines on how much Protein, Fat & Carbs to intake daily


Make 2019 your year!

Beat the Winter Blues Meal Plan

Please note: I am not a licensed medical practitioner, physician, or medical professional. I offer no medical treatments, or diagnoses. Nutritional plans should not replace physicians advice. I can however, advise you with respect to building and maintaining wellness. Read my full disclaimer here.