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The Perfect Reset!

This isn’t a crash diet or a crazy workout plan with hours in the gym. We are simply focusing on lifestyle changes and movement to help you improve how your body responds to food and exercise which will transform your digestive system to help boost energy, improve metabolism and drive results.  


Training/Activity Plan
The goal is to move more!

  • 6 days per week for only 35 - 45 minutes per day.

  • You will receive 2 - three week plans.

  • Training plan is delivered via an app.

  • Must log and sign in for workouts!

  • Accountability and compliance is key

  • There are two plan options beginner or intermediate/advanced

  • If you train at Junction Fitness Hub - you can use your workouts as part of the program - however you must log the workout on your app

Weekly Nutrition Plan and Tips to follow (two weeks are sent at a time)

  • YOU will be making progressive changes to your nutrition and lifestyle

  • Changing everything at once can lead to less compliance and a higher drop-  out rate. We want you to succeed!

  • 2-3 weekly nutrition changes that target digestion, improve metabolism and maximizes nutrient absorption

Weekly meal plan with options that include:

  • 3 breakfast options

  • 3 lunch options

  • 3 dinner options

  • 2 x post workout/snack option

Winner is chosen based on the following 3 criteria:

  1. 50% before and after pictures, measurement changes and body fat change

  2. 30% compliance - workouts are tracked in an app and food list checked off

  3. 20% paragraph written on what you have learned and the lifestyle changes you will continue to pursue



  • must follow the rules and guidelines in order to win the $400

  • must have access to a cell phone or tablet to complete workouts and receive nutrition plan

  • Pictures and measurements must be uploaded prior to the start (Feb 14th) and before February 23rd to qualify  for the prize

  • If you would like to follow the plan and not enter into the challenge - you are welcome to do so!